Simply wow.

Powerful in and of itself.

Even more so because we knew the beautiful side of that relationship. Someone who did not see the real life kitchen dance might think this unbelievable, but you so perfectly capture the actual relationship of this couple, people simply can’t know how real that was for me to watch. We felt the edge of your pain at times but never knew. This movie brought back tears we cried years ago when we didn’t know why such a beautiful marriage had failed. It filled in the story neither of you knew how to share. Thank you for the courageous acting and writing of this powerful story. I am amazed at how gently you weave such a gritty and potentially incendiary tale. I can’t imagine anyone watching this could leave without being challenged, identifying with both plights, feeling the unstated wounds, perhaps more aware of our own deep buried parts, forced to ponder how we might inadvertently or knowingly harm the ones we love most.


Matt Harris