I love this so much. I will admit that I struggled to get this film out of my mind. One of the scenes was so unexpected that I felt violated by it, in part because I’ve made choices to limit my movie-viewing to PG-13 at most. The images are not something I want in my head. However, hearing Zena explain the rationale behind why she portrayed certain scenes in the shocking way in which she portrayed them really helped me to understand that it wasn’t gratuitous or simply for shock value, but because the shock was essential to driving home her point. I love how she so gently explains this in the defense of Rag Doll video (without any real sense of defensiveness). It just comes across so lovingly trying to impart an understanding of the brokenness and damage that both characters have. I love how understanding and forgiving she is, and how this in no way comes across as vengeful. Zena is a light in a dark world. I hope she makes more films.

Felicia Bowen Bridges