Dear Zena,

You don’t know me, but I just watched Rag Doll and felt compelled to thank you for making such an incredibly well-done film. Thanks also for sharing “In Defense of Rag Doll.” I’m moved by the beauty of a hopeless film strangely giving hope and redemption.

What you said about the unredeemed situation being a result of an unrepentant man really resonated with me. You see, I carried the shame of this same situation for years. Not as the wife of a homosexual man, but as a stepdaughter.

When I was in middle school, my mom met and married her third husband three months later. She had no idea of his secret lifestyle until an STD alerted her a few years later. Then came the counseling (which occurred in another town and allowed for even more sex with random strange men), the fights, and finally the split. Even with zero culpability in that situation, I bore the guilt of it all until my forties. I couldn’t even get the gumption to go back to church until my mid-twenties.

I appreciate you highlighting the others who are hurt by homosexual sin, both the complicit and the innocent. As I’m learning to sort through what’s my guilt and what’s others, it’s affirming to know where to draw the line. I can own up to my own stuff without taking on others’ garbage.

May God continue to bless your writing and directing career!