I just wanted to tell you privately how much I appreciate you. I am VERY passionate about truth-telling, even in fiction, even in HUMOR essays or humorous fiction. Real life is fraught with drama, conflict, hardship — the very things that make storytelling interesting. You’ve completely buoyed my spirits, just knowing that there are uncompromising Christians out there like you, who are making art and not apologizing for it. Sadly, there are too many milquetoast Christians out there who would say WE are the ones who are compromising. They’re wrong. They’ve got it all backward. They compromise their own art by not letting it be fully truthful and full-orbed. My point here is to say that more people need to think the way you think. You are not cowardly. You are brave. I want to be as brave and bold and clear-thinking as you are when I grow up.

Linda Au