What a terrific glimpse into the heart of an impossible situation. Zena is absolutely right when she says that this is not a “Christian film, and it is not about redemption. It is about shining a spotlight on an oil-and-water relationship that has been forced together by damage or a false ideology, leading to all kinds of mental abuse. I’m amazed at how artfully and delicately she put these issues on the screen. I am impressed by her courage to put her body and soul on the screen for all to see, inspiring others to be as honest. The truth is, from a Christian perspective, only the Holy Spirit can solve a situation like this. And it has to be a long and personal grind. In order to move forward, we have to see the issue for what it is, make the appropriate decisions, and live with them. I love how Zena’s film shows just how impossible this couple’s relationship was without slamming a person over the head with it, or minimizing the reality of their struggle. So beautiful.

John Barnts