Wow. I just watched this. The filmmaker is AMAZING. Her courage, honesty, and vulnerability to make this… Wow.

I like all of Zena’s shorts, but this one is her best. She hit spot on such a taboo and difficult subject. I can see where evangelicals would be uncomfortable. They are uncomfortable with sex in general. Violence in a movie they can take, but not sex. And it is truly an honest movie about sex. In most films, the sex is always fireworks, bliss, and orgasm. How many films show erectile dysfunction? A couple struggling to connect?Very few. In light of the filmmaker’s personal experiences, it would be understandable if the tone was bitter. However, this film has a loving subtext, a recognition that there was a love and connection, flawed and broken, but there. Also, she doesn’t tie it up in a bow and have him converted and victorious at the end. She showed the truth. This film was gutsy.

Richard Rossi