Rag Doll

Based on a true story, Rag Doll is an edgy, thought-provoking drama about a woman married to a gay man.

Rag Doll was the first official project of Mission Ranch Films. It was completed in April 2015 and went on to become an Official Selection at seven festivals, winning Audience Choice for Best Short Film, and the Best International Short Film Director Award at the Louisiana International Film Festival in May 2015.

Audiences Rave

I hope she makes more films.

I love this so much. I will admit that I struggled to get this film out of my mind. One of the scenes was so unexpected that I felt violated by it, in part because I’ve made choices to limit my movie-viewing to PG-13 at most. The images are not something I want in my head. However, hearing Zena explain the rationale behind why she portrayed certain scenes in the shocking way in which she portrayed them really helped me to understand that it wasn’t gratuitous or simply...

Rag Doll makes you think. Does love conquer all?

A powerful look at a hushed subject. Zena Dell Lowe’s introspective script paints a picture of one woman’s descent into the frustrating world of one couple’s sexual struggles and efforts to find healing. Rag Doll makes you think. Does love conquer all? What is real healing and where can we get it? Why can’t we fix each other? Rag Doll will draw you into those questions and give you a glimpse of how painful it can be when our love just isn’t enough. Mary Beth...

Compassionate and Brutally Honest

Powerful, and sad. And much more honest than most of what I’ve encountered on this subject. Often times in this culture, it feels like what is said and presented is really about promoting the “right” viewpoint. Seldom have I seen something that is able to be both compassionate and brutally honest about such a painful, multi-faceted subject. I wish there was more of this kind of honesty and compassion present in our culture in general, but especially regarding the...

This might encourage others to exercise discernment before entering a tragically doomed covenant.

It’s rare to get a perspective this nuanced on an issue so potentially incendiary. Zena has managed to create a painfully authentic snapshot from her own experiences, something many women (and men) have gone through in silent torture. It would be easy to paint the husband as a callous villain, or the wife as vindictive, but instead, they’re suffering human beings who yearn to do the right thing, adrift with no counselors as to what IS the right thing to do. And as much...

It was very brave of her to put this on screen.

Wow. This is a powerful short film. I wish that I had not known anything about the premise prior to watching it, because I imagine that there is even more power for the audience as information is revealed. Wonderful acting by the ensemble. It looked beautiful, sound was great and it moved along and told the story in a very engaging way. And this story is based on the filmmaker’s own experiences? It was very brave of her to put this on screen. Tom...

What are the limits to love?

What are the limits to love? What is more powerful – hope or love? What matters more to our identity? How do our choices give us the courage to face these questions, or limit the way we can respond to them? There are important questions to ask. Any filmmaker courageous enough to address them (like Zena does) and offer us insight into them should be applauded. Steven James

Well done, well done, well done!

Wow. Really well done. Gut-wrenching scene at the therapist. Heart-breaking tension throughout… and how the filmmaker left it open-ended was brilliant. She painted two suffering human beings with vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty…and kept away from heavy-handedness. Nothing was overwrought about it. Well done, well done, well done! It’s also amazing to see the high production values. It looks and sounds great. Brent McCorkle

The film made me weep.

Zena, Thanks for having the courage, to tell the truth. I was very disappointed in the attitude of your recent critic. They can disagree, but to denounce Rag Doll as “not the truth” is a step too far. The film made me weep. Finally, someone is breaking out from the Christian ghetto and speaking to our depraved culture. You are holding up a mirror and some don’t like what they see. Your mirror is even bigger than the movie itself. It’s giving you a platform to talk about...

First, I LOVED IT!!!

I really wanted to really see this film. What and where to start? First, I LOVED IT!!! I am super real and I think Zena’s performance was excellent with deep personality in a truly character-driven story. I loved the directing and the writing – very deep but mostly REAL. It was very touching because I thought the filmmaker went beyond and behind the humanity, and the film speaks with a natural flow. Zena won the award for Best International Short Film Director at LIFF...

I’m moved by the beauty of a hopeless film strangely giving hope and redemption.

Dear Zena, You don’t know me, but I just watched Rag Doll and felt compelled to thank you for making such an incredibly well-done film. Thanks also for sharing “In Defense of Rag Doll.” I’m moved by the beauty of a hopeless film strangely giving hope and redemption. What you said about the unredeemed situation being a result of an unrepentant man really resonated with me. You see, I carried the shame of this same situation for years. Not as the wife of a homosexual man,...

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Watch The Award Winning Film Below

Because of the controversial nature of this film, Director Zena Dell Lowe gave a lecture in defense of Rag Doll. Both the film and the lecture can be seen below.

Rag Doll

In Defense Of Rag Doll

Meet The Crew

Zach Johaneson


For the last six years, Zach has worked as a filmmaker at Helio Collective. He spent several years as an animator before becoming art director, and for the last year three years, he has been fulfilling the demanding role of Creative Director. Zach has extensive experience in every aspect of production, from assembling a crew to budgeting, shooting, editing, and marketing the final product. He was the driving force behind Rag Doll and ensured not only an excellent film but one that came in on budget. You can learn more about Zach by visiting

Logan Triplett


Logan is an incredibly talented and well-respected director of photography who’s worked for a variety of production companies in and around Montana. He specializes in commercial, narrative, and special effects cinematography, and has a passion for telling stories visually. Watch Logan’s reel at

Zena Dell Lowe


Zena literally sat down and wrote the script for Rag Doll in a single morning. The story was close to her heart since it was inspired by real-life experiences.  To find out more about Zena’s passion to create Rag Doll, CLICK HERE to read her director’s statement.

Rag Doll has opened up a number of opportunities for Zena to speak to other women in similar situations, offering experience, strength, and hope that only comes from first-hand knowledge. Contact Zena to arrange for her to speak at an upcoming conference or private event.

Meet The Cast

Blayne Weaver

Blayne Weaver, of Bossier City, Louisiana, began his acting career in high school with the film The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993), an NBC movie of the week. His first major TV movie was The Good Old Boys (1995) with Tommy Lee Jones. He has since done guest spots on ER (1994), JAG (1995), Chicago Hope (1994), NCIS (2003) and did the voice of Peter Pan in Disney’s animated film Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland (2002). He co-wrote and acted in the IFC feature film Manic (2001) (starring Don Cheadle), which premiered at the Sundance film festival. In 2004 he formed Secret Identity Productions with childhood friend Brandon Barrera. Their first film, Losing Lois Lane (2004), a short about a depressed Superman, was Weaver’s directorial debut. Secret Identity then produced Outside Sales (2006), its first feature, which Weaver wrote and directed. He went on to write and direct S.I.P’s next feature Weather Girl (2009). Next, he starred in the thriller Favor (2013) then directed and starred in 6 Month Rule (2011). Next up Weaver will direct Santa Girl (2018)

Zena Dell Lowe

Zena had originally planned to cast someone else to play the role of the woman in Rag Doll, but since this story was so quintessentially her own, she felt it was imperative that she play the role herself. This proved to be challenging since she was also the film’s Director, but in the end, the gamble paid off.  In addition to her role in Rag Doll Zena has been a working actress for over 15 years. She’s done her fair share of dramatic roles, such as a recurring role as Francine Cerullo on General Hospital, and most recently a principal role in Director Kelly Reichardt’s latest film, Certain Women starring Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart, which screened at Sundance in 2016. However, it’s comedy that Zena loves. She has played a number of quirky characters on stage and in film. To see some clips of Zena’s work, go to her acting website at

John Hosking

John is an incredibly talented and versatile film, television and stage actor who’s worked on various productions in and around Montana for over 40 years. For 32 of those years, he was a co-founding member and the Artistic Director of the Vigilante Players, a highly acclaimed touring troupe who brought original, professional theatre to rural audiences throughout the Northwest Region. As a Veteran stage actor, John can play just about anything, from the most over-the-top, farcical characters, to the most dramatic. Some of his recent credits include Landon Mars in Jimmie & Pete at the Ellen Theatre, Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady at Intermountain Opera, and Richard Hannay in 39 Steps, also at the Ellen Theatre. Most recently, John had the privilege of playing Willie Lohman in the Montana Shakespeare’s production of Death Of A Salesman. His performance was lauded as the best of his career.