Trial By Fire

This script has already won numerous awards and is ready for production.

Trial by Fire tells the true story of Sherrie Clark, the first female firefighter ever hired by the Dallas Fire Department in the 1970’s.

Not long ago, Fire Stations were strictly boy’s clubs, but that all changed when 19-year-old Sherrie Clark, a 6’2”tall beauty with a body like Wonder-Woman, did something that no other woman had done: she passed the physical exam that would allow her to train to become a fireman. In this classic tale of a struggle for equality set in Dallas, Texas, in the 1970s, Sherrie must prove herself in a male-dominated world, overcome prejudice and an attempt on her life, and defend herself against disciplinary charges for doing so. It’s ‘Erin Brockovich’ meets ‘Chicago Fire,’ with all the racism, sexism, and crassness that the decade demands. In the end, we are moved not just by Sherrie’s heroism, but also by the courage of her firemen peers, who conquered their own deeply rooted biases to welcome Sherrie as one of their own.

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Meet The Crew

Frank Antonelli


As the head of Alpha Pictures USA (2016-2018), the film and television subsidiary of China’s entertainment/gaming/toy manufacturing giant Alpha Group (co-financier of The Revenant and Assassin’s Creed), Frank ran all development, production, and US strategy, developing top Chinese IP from the famed U17 digital library into live action global film and television properties. In the past and present, he has had the good fortune of working with luminaries such as Hugh Jackman, Ridley Scott, Mel Gibson, Roberto Orci, David Barron, Ron Bass, and Henry Winkler. While in San Antonio researching the Jimmie Rodgers story for Icon productions several years ago, he proposed to his wife, director Caroline Zelder, and later spent the best summer of his life producing her movie A Plumm Summer in Montana. He is a member of the WGA.

Zena Dell Lowe

Writer, Director

Zena is an independent filmmaker who has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for over 15 years as a writer, producer, and director. Zena also teaches advanced classes on writing at numerous writer conferences across the country, and as an adjunct professor at Covenant College and Regent University. Zena currently resides in Bozeman, Montana, where she creates a variety of content for commercials, television, and film through her production company, Mission Ranch Films. She also writes for comic books, most recently, Strawberry Shortcake, published by IDW Publishing in 2017. Zena has won numerous awards for her work, including “Best International Short Film Director” for Rag Doll at the 2015 Louisiana International Film Festival, and two “Grand Prize” wins for her script Trial by Fire at the 2016 New York Screenplay Competition and ISA’s acclaimed 2016 Emerging Screenwriter’s Contest. In addition to directing film, Zena has been directing theatre since her freshman year in college. She has been told that she can be a bit bossy. Zena takes this as a compliment.

Duncan McLean


Duncan McLean’s entertainment industry career is notable for its breadth and depth. After earning a BA at Duke University and an MFA at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Duncan began his professional career working as a chief lighting technician on a wide variety of film and television projects, ranging from no-budget independents to multi-million dollar studio and network productions. During this time, he also started to work as a camera operator and then as a cinematographer, which took him to Turkey to shoot the multi-award winning documentary, Searching for Paradise. Shifting his focus to post-production, Duncan edited television specials and series for several networks, including MTV, Fox, Travel, ABC Family, and Lifetime. Duncan directed his first show, the CMT special World’s Greatest Tour Buses, and subsequently directed, produced, and edited several music documentaries for the network. He also directed, co-produced, photographed, and edited multiple segments for the PBS foreign affairs show, Foreign Exchange. Since that time, Duncan has edited series for numerous networks, including Biography, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Investigation Discovery, and Bravo. He edited, wrote, and co-produced the documentary, See Me, and edited and co-produced the TLC special, The 685lb Teen. Duncan lives in Los Angeles.