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At Mission Ranch Films, we believe that story is the most powerful thing in the universe. Story, more than any other medium, is the primary means by which we make sense of our world. It’s also how we learn empathy, that noblest capacity of man, for it enables us to see the world through the eyes of those who are “not us,” which forces us to place ourselves in their shoes. This, in turn, softens our hearts and fills us with compassion. If you want to change a man’s mind, tell a story. 

Our current slate of films embodies all that we hold most sacred about storytelling: an epic fantasy universe, where each of these stories takes place; complex characters, who relentlessly pursue truth; and a team of creators dedicated to bridging the gap between people groups through story. Each full-length feature project is in a different stage of development. Click a poster for more information.  

The battle ends when we find a deeper connection to God, to ourselves, and to others. The battle ends when hearts are softened, and minds are transformed by ideas that are True. But the battle begins with story…

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About Us

Who is mission ranch films

Mission Ranch Films believes that the foundation of all good stories is truth. To that end, we are building a fantasy story universe where real traumas and spiritual realities can be explored and experienced in the context of dynamic characters and their struggles.

The initial vision of Mission Ranch Films is to produce a minimum of six feature films that would take place in this story universe. In addition, we are actively developing spinoff projects for other media outlets, including a television series, graphic novel, video game, podcast, and a YouTube Channel Vlog for artists and creators, just to name a few.

Given the scope of all that lies ahead, it would be impossible to fulfill this vision without the help of other like-minded creatives with a passion for world building and storytelling. I am blessed to have such a team. It is my honor to introduce to you the creative geniuses behind our current slate of films:

The Mission Podcast

with Zena Dell Lowe

The Mission with Zena Dell Lowe is a podcast for artists and storytellers about changing the world for the better through story. However, in order for this to happen, storytellers must first come to understand the important role they play in impacting culture, as well as the universal story principles that have been embedded into the fabric of the universe, which gives them the power to literally change the world.

If you are a storyteller with a desire to truly make a difference, then acquire the right tools to become a master of your craft by joining Zena for a new episode each Thursday. This podcast is more than just a “how to” on storytelling. It’s also a “why” and a “when” and a “where” and a “for whom.” It’s a wholistic approach into the heart of story that gives fresh insight and inspiration. It’s meant to transform not just your art, but also, you, the artist.

Fantastic... but don't listen while driving.


I warn you in advance, don’t listen while driving. You’ll want to hit pause, rewind, take notes and capture how the material or example she’s just given applies to one of your own works-in-progress, or how it might inform a new project all together. In fact, I’d even recommend that you get your creative pals to listen as well. Then get together to encourage one another to apply what you’ve learned.

This podcast is focused, concise and practical. Zena’s passion for the topic comes across just as powerfully here as it does in the classes she presents at conferences and colleges. She knows of what she speaks, and she does it brilliantly.

— WritePoint
May 7, 2020

Listen to Zena, tell a great story.


Zena Dell Lowe’s The Mission podcast is a lean and purposeful exploration of how story works and what makes characters (okay, us) tick. If you’re looking to go deeper in your storytelling, or even just understand yourself better, the time spent with this seasoned teacher is well spent.

— Connections Magazine
May 3, 2020

Inspiring and to the point.

A great find for all you writers out there. As a screenwriter myself I am always looking to learn from others and hone my craft. Zena Dell Lowe goes beyond the usual “nuts and bolts” of how to craft a story and really digs into the “why” behind creativity. Before you know what you want to write you need to know why you want to write it. Her advice has really helped me refocus my own work for the better. Zena knows her stuff and has a unique perspective on the creative process. Highly recommended.

— Alan Tregoning
July 8 2020

Outstanding Podcast

An outstanding podcast for such a time as this. Zena Dell Lowe is an expert on all aspects of story. Not only does she comprehend and apprehend the concepts of story, but she also knows how to teach them. I highly recommend this podcast to artists in all genres. It will transform your art and your life.

— MaryAnn Diorio
June 26, 2020

Meet Zena Dell Lowe


I’ve often said that there are only three things in this world that I know anything about, and yet, these three things fuel all of my passions and inform every aspect of my existence. They also represent the whole of the human condition.

Through trauma, we feel pain and suffering.
Through religion, we find comfort and strength.
Through story, we achieve the highest honor of all, for it is here that our lives find meaning.

Story connects the seemingly random, disjointed, and painful events of our lives. We create order from chaos by placing each experience side by side, and when we interpret those experiences through the lens of our spiritual beliefs, we start to see a pattern emerge. A bigger picture forms. Clarity follows. Soon, we understand our place in this world. We realize that our lives have meaning and a purpose. Such is the power of story.

I have been preparing for this new phase of Mission Ranch Films my entire life. It is the culmination of my work, my strengths, and my passions. It’s the embodiment of all that I find most thrilling about being a storyteller – or even just a human person. Please join me on this exciting and epic adventure. Together, may we capture the hearts and minds of our culture. Together, may our impact on the world be legendary.