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At Mission Ranch Films, we believe that the most powerful thing in the universe is story. Where suffering teaches humility and religious morality, story teaches empathy —that great capacity to understand another person’s experiences by placing ourselves in their shoes, which tears down the walls of social injustice and connects us to each other.

Our current slate of films embodies all that we hold most sacred about storytelling. Each full-length feature project is in a different stage of development. Click a poster for more information. 

The battle ends when we find a deeper connection to our human family, to God, and to ourselves. The battle ends when hearts have softened, and minds have sharpened. But the battle begins with story…

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About Us

Who is mission ranch films

Mission Ranch Films believes that the foundation of all good stories is truth. To that end, we are building a fantasy story universe where real traumas and spiritual realities can be explored and experienced in the context of dynamic characters and their struggles.

The initial vision of Mission Ranch Films is to produce a minimum of six feature films that would take place in this story universe. In addition, we are actively developing spinoff projects for other media outlets, including a television series, graphic novel, video game, podcast, and a YouTube Channel Vlog for artists and creators, just to name a few.

Given the scope of all that lies ahead, it would be impossible to fulfill this vision without the help of other like-minded creatives with a passion for world building and storytelling. I am blessed to have such a team. It is my honor to introduce to you the creative geniuses behind our current slate of films:

Our Team


Houston Howard

Houston Howard

Story World Architect

Krista Creighton

Krista Creighton

Digital Marketing Manager

Sara McDermott Jain

Sara McDermott Jain

Writer/Director - "Corruptible"

Leann Barna

Leann Barna

Line Producer

Carla Patullo

Carla Patullo

Music Composer

Duncan McLean

Duncan McLean

Film Editor

Aidan Rae Vitti

Aidan Rae Vitti

Costume Designer

Tamir Rawlings

Tamir Rawlings

Content Strategist


At the center of our story universe is Yellowstone National Park and the pacific northwest region of the U.S.A. These territories are home to many Native American legends, spiritual beliefs, and histories. Theirs is a story of trauma marked by resilience and spiritual devotion. As we developed the mythology of our fantasy story world, it became apparent that this convergence of trauma histories and spiritual realities needed to be explored. 

However, in order to honor and accurately represent the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the tribal communities, we realized we needed to form an advisory board comprised of Native Americans with expert knowledge on the religious practices and beliefs of their people, as well as the traumatic histories of the Montana tribal communities. 

The following individuals have graciously agreed to join our board, where they will play a vital role by offering council, feedback, and advice as we seek to fulfill the great vision before us. Mission Ranch Films is honored to introduce our Indigenous Peoples Advisory Council:


Dr. Shane Boyle

Dr. Shane Boyle

Archeology and Anthropology Research, Chairman of the Board

Michael Spears

Michael Spears

Actor, Singer, Speaker, Indigenous Culture Consultant

Prairie Bighorn

Prairie Bighorn

Master of Business Administration, Executive Director at American Indian Business Leaders

Meet Zena Dell Lowe


I’ve often said that there are only three things in this world that I know anything about, and yet, these three things fuel all of my passions and inform every aspect of my existence. They also represent the whole of the human condition.

Through trauma, we feel pain and suffering.
Through religion, we find comfort and strength.
Through story, we achieve the highest honor of all, for it is here that our lives find meaning.

Story connects the seemingly random, disjointed, and painful events of our lives. We create order from chaos by placing each experience side by side, and when we interpret those experiences through the lens of our spiritual beliefs, we start to see a pattern emerge. A bigger picture forms. Clarity follows. Soon, we understand our place in this world. We realize that our lives have meaning and a purpose. Such is the power of story.

I have been preparing for this new phase of Mission Ranch Films my entire life. It is the culmination of my work, my strengths, and my passions. It’s the embodiment of all that I find most thrilling about being a storyteller – or even just a human person. Please join me on this exciting and epic adventure. Together, may we capture the hearts and minds of our culture. Together, may our impact on the world be legendary.

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Too many writers get lost in the process of writing. Story suffers. Characters get fuzzy. Writers lose hope and give up.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Mission Ranch Films is dedicated to training, equipping and supporting writers at every stage of project development. We come alongside writers by giving them the tools they need to execute their ideas with excellence, enabling them to achieve both personal and commercial success.

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Past Projects

A sampling of our award-winning work

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Based on a true story, RAG DOLL is an edgy, thought-provoking drama about a woman married to a gay man…

Trial by Fire

In 1977, 19-year-old Sherrie Clark defeats the odds to enter the male dominated world of Texas Firefighters, where she must overcome extreme prejudice…