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Zena Dell Lowe

Conference Speaker

Zena Dell Lowe has been teaching advanced classes on writing at numerous writers conferences across the country for over 15 years now, often to standing-room-only audiences. She also teaches screenwriting and playwriting as an adjunct professor at Covenant College in Georgia, and works one-on-one with the grad students enrolled in the MFA program at Regent University in Virginia Beach.

As a writer herself, Zena has written screenplays, plays, numerous articles on writing, comic books, and most recently, her very first novel. She’s won numerous awards for her work, including “Best International Short Film Director” for Rag Doll at the 2015 Louisiana International Film Festival, two “Grand Prize” wins for her full-length feature script Trial by Fire at both the 2016 New York Screenplay Competition, and ISA’s highly acclaimed 2016 Emerging Screenwriter’s competition, as well as many others.

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“Absolutely loved Zena’s keynote—she is so charismatic and entertaining. I resonated with what she shared.” 

“Since I taught high school and college classes for forty years, I really appreciated your lively, dynamic approach to teaching. I also appreciated your afternoon Keynote address in which you challenged us to create good art rather than preaching. As you said, playing the “God card” does not save a poor piece of writing.”

“Thank you for a compelling Keynote presentation in Indianapolis. You were so focused and direct, I came back to the conference the next day.”

“Thanks for many good laughs and a few “Amens” during your keynote yesterday. I couldn’t have said it better. Also, thanks for your honesty and the feedback. You have good ideas. I’m praying about your current projects and have asked the Lord to bless you. I guess we’ll see. (I don’t usually have any exceptional clout with Him, but I sincerely pray you may be richly blessed)!”