Hire a Writing Coach


Are you struggling to make your story work?

Do you work better with accountability and a deadline?


Could you benefit from a little one-on-one feedback?
Would you like to avoid the pitfalls before you write that next scene?


We Can Help!

Zena Dell Lowe has assisted literally hundreds of writers over the years, providing keen insight and invaluable guidance to help them achieve major breakthroughs on their projects. Her unique ability to identify story flaws and offer powerful, workable solutions will help you execute your story with excellence.

She now offers two incredible coaching options to help writers take their careers to the next level. Pay as you Goor an ongoing Monthly Coaching Subscription. To find the best coaching option for you, sign up for a Free Consultation.

Pay As You Go

PAY AS YOU GO is for sporadic or occasional help no matter where you’re at in your story.

  • Maybe you’re just getting started, but you want to make sure this story warrants an investment of the next 6 to 8 months of your life. 
  • Maybe you’re a pro, but there’s something that just isn’t working, and you need someone to brainstorm with you and help you figure it out.

Zena CAN help. Guaranteed.

Standard hourly rate: $59

“If you want a story coach who will tell you the truth and has the goods to steer you in the right direction, Zena’s the choice. She pulls no punches and she knows what works.” 

Pam Miller, Virginia Beach, VA

“Zena is awesome! She is highly knowledgable in the art of writing especially for screenplays. She will challenge and encourage you to your highest potential with her fun personality, even if you have no clue what you’re doing.”

Tori Duggins

“Zena has provided valuable insight for the contextual depth of my screenplays and treatments. Her quality advice and ideas for refining the natural progression of my character’s story arc prompted me to dub her, “The Yoda of Screenwriting”. I couldn’t have asked for more. She is a God-send.”

Keith Offutt, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Regardless of where you are on the writing journey, Zena’s insight, energy, and tenacity will challenge and strengthen your creative process, bringing into clear view the characters and storyline you’ve thus far only begun to imagine.”

Donna K. Wallace

Monthly Coaching Subscription

Our subscription option ensures that you have someone working with you from start to finish on your project. Someone who can help you avoid pitfalls or the waste of your valuable time. We will keep you on target and help you complete your project within your deadline.

  • No more getting lost in the story.
  • No more panicking about what to write next
  • You’ll have a guide to help you every step of the way
  • And at the end of the process, you’ll have a polished, completed manuscript or screenplay that is ready to be sent out to publishers, agents, producers, or whoever else you want to see your work.

The difference between working with a writing coach and working in isolation is staggering. The MONTHLY COACHING SUBSCRIPTION is one of the best services money can buy.

Offered at $99/month