in the land of vapors

In the land of vapors

in development

This film will be the second feature project for Mission Ranch Films. A fantasy thriller in the vein of Stranger Things or Super 8, it is scheduled to shoot in the Missoula/Kalispel area in 2022.

LOGLINE: After the tragic death of his autistic brother, 12-year-old Dillon McClusky moves with his mom to a mysterious town in the northwest where the locals believe in Sasquatch.

SYNOPSIS: Dillon McClusky isn’t like other pre-teens. Ever since his Dad abandoned the family, Dillon has taken care of his mom and his autistic younger brother, Samuel, but after Samuel’s tragic death in a car accident, Rebecca uproots a guilt-ridden Dillon from their life in the city and moves him to an eerie town in remote Montana, where she entreats the help of her old friend, Michael White Rock, a respected elder among the Sioux Indian tribe.

To help Dillon heal, Michael introduces Dillon to the stories of his people and legends of Sasquatch, even as a group of local thugs claim to be closing in on an underground Sasquatch lair. As Dillon fights to overcome his own traumatic past, he discovers not only that the Sasquatch exist, but also how they’ve miraculously managed to stay hidden from the rest of the world all these years – until now. Armed with this secret knowledge, Dillon is in a race against time. He alone has the power to save the Sasquatch, but can he keep himself alive long enough to succeed?