Spyder Sisters Movie by Mission Ranch Films

Spyder Sisters

CURRENTLY IN Development

This will be the third feature film project for Mission Ranch Films. In the suspenseful documentary style of District 9, this psychological thriller is currently scheduled to shoot in Northwest Montana in 2023.

LOGLINE: When a cryptozoologist vanishes, her academic sister teams up with a documentary filmmaker to uncover a horrific web of conspiracy which takes a dark turn for the supernatural.

SYNOPSIS: After the disappearance of her cryptozoologist sister Vicky, political science professor Jane Webber partners with award-winning documentarian Nick Bannon to chronicle the search. Retracing Vicky’s steps will bring the team into tribal lands, old family tensions, and straight into the haunting lore of their heritage. As Jane and Nick continue pulling at the strands of the web of conspiracy behind Vicky’s disappearance, they come face-to-face with a dark truth which could unravel the sanest of people—a truth which may be rooted in Jane’s own childhood.